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It is an art, to produce patterns and ornaments trough " twisting" and "crossing" the threads.
Lacing is a very old handicraft. It is used to produce ornaments for clothes, table cloths, handkerchiefes etc. . The most famous are propably the " Brüssler Lace" produced in the 18th century.

Today, a lot of people all over the world are doing lacing. You can find lacing groups in many countries. You can find new tips, ornaments and tricks on websites in the internet.

You can see modern lace work in exhibitions as wall-decoration, table-decoration or also as 3-D ornaments.

When you are doing bobing lacing,you are using threads out of different materials and different strengh. You are normally using threads from linen, cotton or silk. Threads from gold and silver and modern synthetic fibre is also used.

You are working on a bobing-lace cushion with drawn or printed pattern.