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The page for sailing around Elba, Corsica and Sardinia. Information for country, harbours, bays, weather, equipment and other tips.

Overall view card

Card of the sea-part TM with the islands of Elba, Corsica, Sardinia and some smaller islands.
Information to distances and harbours in the overall view.


The overall view card from the island of Elba , with harbour- and bay- informations.


The island of Corsica with overall view card, with harbour and bay-informations. The description of the regions in Corsica with pictures.


Description of the North-East of Sardinia. Harbour- and bay informations.Description and remarks to the "Maddallenen-Archipel" with pictures.

Other islands (Giglio, Pianosa, ...)

A short description about islands in toskanischen Inselarchipel


All about the area, the weather, the equipment, the costs in the ports and so on ...



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